cudf.merge_sorted(objs, keys=None, by_index=False, ignore_index=False, ascending=True, na_position='last')#

Merge a list of sorted DataFrame or Series objects.

Dataframes/Series in objs list MUST be pre-sorted by columns listed in keys, or by the index (if by_index=True).

objslist of DataFrame, Series, or Index
keyslist, default None

List of Column names to sort by. If None, all columns used (Ignored if index=True)

by_indexbool, default False

Use index for sorting. keys input will be ignored if True

ignore_indexbool, default False

Drop and ignore index during merge. Default range index will be used in the output dataframe.

ascendingbool, default True

Sorting is in ascending order, otherwise it is descending

na_position{‘first’, ‘last’}, default ‘last’

‘first’ nulls at the beginning, ‘last’ nulls at the end

A new, lexicographically sorted, DataFrame/Series.