cudf.read_text(filepath_or_buffer, delimiter=None, byte_range=None, **kwargs)#

Configuration object for a text Datasource

filepath_or_bufferstr, path object, or file-like object

Either a path to a file (a str, pathlib.Path, or py._path.local.LocalPath), URL (including http, ftp, and S3 locations), or any object with a read() method (such as builtin open() file handler function or StringIO).

delimiterstring, default None

The delimiter that should be used for splitting text chunks into separate cudf column rows. The delimiter may be one or more characters.

byte_rangelist or tuple, default None

Byte range within the input file to be read. The first number is the offset in bytes, the second number is the range size in bytes. The output contains all rows that start inside the byte range (i.e. at or after the offset, and before the end at offset + size), which may include rows that continue past the end.