Graph.from_dask_cudf_edgelist(input_ddf, source='source', destination='destination', edge_attr=None, weight=None, edge_id=None, edge_type=None, renumber=True, store_transposed=False, legacy_renum_only=False)[source]#

Initializes the distributed graph from the dask_cudf.DataFrame edgelist. Undirected Graphs are not currently supported. By default, renumbering is enabled to map the source and destination vertices into an index in the range [0, V) where V is the number of vertices. If the input vertices are a single column of integers in the range [0, V), renumbering can be disabled and the original external vertex ids will be used. Note that the graph object will store a reference to the dask_cudf.DataFrame provided.


The edgelist as a dask_cudf.DataFrame

sourcestr or array-like, optional (default=’source’)

Source column name or array of column names

destinationstr, optional (default=’destination’)

Destination column name or array of column names

edge_attrstr or List[str], optional (default=None)

Names of the edge attributes. Can either be a single string representing the weight column name, or a list of length 3 holding [weight, edge_id, edge_type]. If this argument is provided, then the weight/edge_id/edge_type arguments must be left empty.

weightstr, optional (default=None)

Name of the weight column in the input dataframe.

edge_idstr, optional (default=None)

Name of the edge id column in the input dataframe.

edge_typestr, optional (default=None)

Name of the edge type column in the input dataframe.

renumberbool, optional (default=True)

If source and destination indices are not in range 0 to V where V is number of vertices, renumber argument should be True.

store_transposedbool, optional (default=False)

If True, stores the transpose of the adjacency matrix. Required for certain algorithms.

legacy_renum_onlybool, optional (default=False)

If True, skips the C++ renumbering step. Must be true for pylibcugraph algorithms. Must be false for algorithms not yet converted to the pylibcugraph C API.

This parameter is deprecated and will be removed.