List of Supported and Planned Algorithms#

Supported Graph#

Type Description
Graph A directed or undirected Graph (use directed={True, False})
Multigraph A Graph with multiple edges between a vertex pair

ALL Algorithms support Graphs and MultiGraph (directed and undirected)

Supported Algorithms#

Italic algorithms are planned for future releases.

Note: Multi-GPU, or MG, includes support for Multi-Node Multi-GPU (also called MNMG).

Category Notebooks Scale Notes
Centrality Centrality
Katz Multi-GPU
Betweenness Centrality Multi-GPU MG as of 23.06
Edge Betweenness Centrality Multi-GPU MG as of 23.08
Eigenvector Centrality Multi-GPU
Degree Centrality Multi-GPU Python only
Leiden Multi-GPU MG as of 23.06
Louvain Multi-GPU
Ensemble Clustering for Graphs Single-GPU MG planned for 24.02
Spectral-Clustering - Balanced Cut Single-GPU
Spectral-Clustering - Modularity Single-GPU
Subgraph Extraction Single-GPU
Triangle Counting Multi-GPU
K-Truss Single-GPU MG planned for 2024
Weakly Connected Components Multi-GPU
Strongly Connected Components Single-GPU
K-Core Multi-GPU
Core Number Multi-GPU
MaxFlow ---
Influence Maximization ---
Force Atlas 2 Single-GPU
Linear Assignment
Hungarian Single-GPU README
Link Analysis
Pagerank Multi-GPU C++ README
Personal Pagerank Multi-GPU C++ README
Link Prediction
Jaccard Similarity Multi-GPU Directed graph only
Weighted Jaccard Similarity Single-GPU
Overlap Similarity Multi-GPU
Sorensen Coefficient Multi-GPU MG is unweighted only
Local Clustering Coefficient ---
Uniform Random Walks RW Multi-GPU
Biased Random Walks (RW) ---
Egonet Multi-GPU
Node2Vec Multi-GPU
Neighborhood sampling Multi-GPU
Breadth First Search (BFS) Multi-GPU C++ README
Single Source Shortest Path (SSSP) Multi-GPU C++ README
Minimum Spanning Tree Single-GPU
Maximum Spanning Tree Single-GPU
Renumbering Multi-GPU multiple columns, any data type
Symmetrize Multi-GPU
Path Extraction Extract paths from BFS/SSP results in parallel
Two Hop Neighbors Multi-GPU
Data Generator
Barabasi-Albert ---

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