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cudf::row_equality_comparator< Nullate > Class Template Reference

Performs a relational comparison between two elements in two tables. More...

Public Member Functions

 row_equality_comparator (Nullate has_nulls, table_device_view lhs, table_device_view rhs, null_equality nulls_are_equal=null_equality::EQUAL)
 Construct a new row equality comparator object. More...
bool operator() (size_type lhs_row_index, size_type rhs_row_index) const noexcept
 Compares the specified rows for equality. More...

Detailed Description

template<typename Nullate>
class cudf::row_equality_comparator< Nullate >

Performs a relational comparison between two elements in two tables.

Template Parameters
NullateA cudf::nullate type describing how to check for nulls

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Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ row_equality_comparator()

template<typename Nullate >
cudf::row_equality_comparator< Nullate >::row_equality_comparator ( Nullate  has_nulls,
table_device_view  lhs,
table_device_view  rhs,
null_equality  nulls_are_equal = null_equality::EQUAL 

Construct a new row equality comparator object.

has_nullsIndicates if either input column contains nulls
lhsThe column containing the first element
rhsThe column containing the second element (may be the same as lhs)
nulls_are_equalIndicates if two null elements are treated as equivalent

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Member Function Documentation

◆ operator()()

template<typename Nullate >
bool cudf::row_equality_comparator< Nullate >::operator() ( size_type  lhs_row_index,
size_type  rhs_row_index 
) const

Compares the specified rows for equality.

lhs_row_indexThe index of the first row to compare (in the lhs table)
rhs_row_indexThe index of the second row to compare (in the rhs table)
true if both rows are equal, otherwise false

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