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concatenate.hpp File Reference

Concatenate columns APIs. More...

#include <cudf/column/column_view.hpp>
#include <cudf/table/table_view.hpp>
#include <cudf/utilities/span.hpp>
#include <rmm/mr/device/per_device_resource.hpp>
#include <memory>

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 cuDF interfaces


rmm::device_buffer cudf::concatenate_masks (host_span< column_view const > views, rmm::mr::device_memory_resource *mr=rmm::mr::get_current_device_resource())
 Concatenates views[i]'s bitmask from the bits [views[i].offset(), views[i].offset() + views[i].size()) for all elements views[i] in views into a device_buffer More...
std::unique_ptr< column > cudf::concatenate (host_span< column_view const > columns_to_concat, rmm::mr::device_memory_resource *mr=rmm::mr::get_current_device_resource())
 Concatenates multiple columns into a single column. More...
std::unique_ptr< table > cudf::concatenate (host_span< table_view const > tables_to_concat, rmm::mr::device_memory_resource *mr=rmm::mr::get_current_device_resource())
 Columns of tables_to_concat are concatenated vertically to return a single table. More...

Detailed Description

Concatenate columns APIs.

Definition in file concatenate.hpp.