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encode.hpp File Reference

Dictionary column encode and decode APIs. More...

#include <cudf/column/column.hpp>
#include <cudf/column/column_view.hpp>
#include <cudf/dictionary/dictionary_column_view.hpp>
#include <rmm/mr/device/per_device_resource.hpp>

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 cuDF interfaces
 Dictionary column APIs.


std::unique_ptr< column > cudf::dictionary::encode (column_view const &column, data_type indices_type=data_type{type_id::UINT32}, rmm::mr::device_memory_resource *mr=rmm::mr::get_current_device_resource())
 Construct a dictionary column by dictionary encoding an existing column. More...
std::unique_ptr< column > cudf::dictionary::decode (dictionary_column_view const &dictionary_column, rmm::mr::device_memory_resource *mr=rmm::mr::get_current_device_resource())
 Create a column by gathering the keys from the provided dictionary_column into a new column using the indices from that column. More...

Detailed Description

Dictionary column encode and decode APIs.

Definition in file encode.hpp.