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file  strings/json.hpp


class  cudf::strings::get_json_object_options
 Settings for get_json_object(). More...


std::unique_ptr< cudf::columncudf::strings::get_json_object (cudf::strings_column_view const &col, cudf::string_scalar const &json_path, get_json_object_options options=get_json_object_options{}, rmm::mr::device_memory_resource *mr=rmm::mr::get_current_device_resource())
 Apply a JSONPath string to all rows in an input strings column. More...

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◆ get_json_object()

std::unique_ptr<cudf::column> cudf::strings::get_json_object ( cudf::strings_column_view const &  col,
cudf::string_scalar const &  json_path,
get_json_object_options  options = get_json_object_options{},
rmm::mr::device_memory_resource mr = rmm::mr::get_current_device_resource() 

Apply a JSONPath string to all rows in an input strings column.

Applies a JSONPath string to an incoming strings column where each row in the column is a valid json string. The output is returned by row as a strings column. Implements only the operators: $ . [] *

colThe input strings column. Each row must contain a valid json string
json_pathThe JSONPath string to be applied to each row
optionsOptions for controlling the behavior of the function
mrResource for allocating device memory.
New strings column containing the retrieved json object strings
std::invalid_argumentif provided an invalid operator or an empty name