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label_bins.hpp File Reference

APIs for labeling values by bin. More...

#include <cudf/column/column.hpp>
#include <cudf/column/column_view.hpp>
#include <cudf/types.hpp>
#include <rmm/mr/device/device_memory_resource.hpp>
#include <rmm/mr/device/per_device_resource.hpp>

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 cuDF interfaces


enum class  cudf::inclusive { YES , NO }
 Enum used to define whether or not bins include their boundary points.


std::unique_ptr< column > cudf::label_bins (column_view const &input, column_view const &left_edges, inclusive left_inclusive, column_view const &right_edges, inclusive right_inclusive, rmm::cuda_stream_view stream=cudf::get_default_stream(), rmm::mr::device_memory_resource *mr=rmm::mr::get_current_device_resource())
 Labels elements based on membership in the specified bins. More...

Detailed Description

APIs for labeling values by bin.

Definition in file label_bins.hpp.