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Bin Labeling


file  label_bins.hpp
 APIs for labeling values by bin.


enum class  cudf::inclusive { YES , NO }
 Enum used to define whether or not bins include their boundary points.


std::unique_ptr< columncudf::label_bins (column_view const &input, column_view const &left_edges, inclusive left_inclusive, column_view const &right_edges, inclusive right_inclusive, rmm::cuda_stream_view stream=cudf::get_default_stream(), rmm::device_async_resource_ref mr=rmm::mr::get_current_device_resource())
 Labels elements based on membership in the specified bins. More...

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◆ label_bins()

std::unique_ptr<column> cudf::label_bins ( column_view const &  input,
column_view const &  left_edges,
inclusive  left_inclusive,
column_view const &  right_edges,
inclusive  right_inclusive,
rmm::cuda_stream_view  stream = cudf::get_default_stream(),
rmm::device_async_resource_ref  mr = rmm::mr::get_current_device_resource() 

Labels elements based on membership in the specified bins.

A bin i is defined by left_edges[i], right_edges[i]. Whether the edges are inclusive or not is determined by left_inclusive and right_inclusive, respectively.

A value input[j] belongs to bin i if value[j] is contained in the range left_edges[i], right_edges[i] (with the specified inclusiveness) and label[j] == i. If input[j] does not belong to any bin, then label[j] is NULL.


  • If an empty set of edges is provided, all elements in input are labeled NULL.
  • NULL elements in input belong to no bin and their corresponding label is NULL.
  • NaN elements in input belong to no bin and their corresponding label is NULL.
  • Bins must be provided in monotonically increasing order, otherwise behavior is undefined.
  • If two or more bins overlap, behavior is undefined.
cudf::logic_errorif input.type() == left_edges.type() == right_edges.type() is violated.
cudf::logic_errorif left_edges.size() != right_edges.size()
cudf::logic_errorif left_edges.has_nulls() or right_edges.has_nulls()
inputThe input elements to label according to the specified bins.
left_edgesValues of the left edge of each bin.
left_inclusiveWhether or not the left edge is inclusive.
right_edgesValue of the right edge of each bin.
right_inclusiveWhether or not the right edge is inclusive.
streamCUDA stream used for device memory operations and kernel launches
mrDevice memory resource used to allocate the returned column's device.
The integer labels of the elements in input according to the specified bins.