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cudf::packed_table Struct Reference

The result(s) of a cudf::contiguous_split. More...

#include <contiguous_split.hpp>

Public Attributes

cudf::table_view table
 Result table_view of a cudf::contiguous_split.
packed_columns data
 Column data owned.

Detailed Description

The result(s) of a cudf::contiguous_split.

Each table_view resulting from a split operation performed by contiguous_split, will be returned wrapped in a packed_table. The table_view and internal column_views in this struct are not owned by a top level cudf::table or cudf::column. The backing memory and metadata is instead owned by the data field and is in one contiguous block.

The user is responsible for assuring that the table or any derived table_views do not outlive the memory owned by data.

Definition at line 77 of file contiguous_split.hpp.

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