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cudf::dictionary_column_view Class Reference

A wrapper class for operations on a dictionary column. More...

#include <dictionary_column_view.hpp>

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Public Member Functions

 dictionary_column_view (column_view const &dictionary_column)
 dictionary_column_view (dictionary_column_view &&dictionary_view)=default
 dictionary_column_view (const dictionary_column_view &dictionary_view)=default
dictionary_column_viewoperator= (dictionary_column_view const &)=default
dictionary_column_viewoperator= (dictionary_column_view &&)=default
column_view parent () const noexcept
 Returns the parent column.
column_view indices () const noexcept
 Returns the column of indices.
column_view get_indices_annotated () const noexcept
 Returns a column_view combining the indices data with offset, size, and nulls from the parent.
column_view keys () const noexcept
 Returns the column of keys.
data_type keys_type () const noexcept
 Returns the data_type of the keys child column.
size_type keys_size () const noexcept
 Returns the number of rows in the keys column.

Static Public Attributes

static constexpr size_type indices_column_index {0}
static constexpr size_type keys_column_index {1}

Detailed Description

A wrapper class for operations on a dictionary column.

A dictionary column contains a set of keys and a column of indices. The keys are a sorted set of unique values for the column. The indices represent the corresponding positions of each element's value in the keys.

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