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io/types.hpp File Reference

cuDF-IO API type definitions More...

#include <cudf/table/table.hpp>
#include <cudf/types.hpp>
#include <cudf/utilities/span.hpp>
#include <map>
#include <memory>
#include <optional>
#include <string>
#include <unordered_map>
#include <vector>

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class  cudf::io::writer_compression_statistics
 Statistics about compression performed by a writer. More...
struct  cudf::io::column_name_info
 Detailed name (and optionally nullability) information for output columns. More...
struct  cudf::io::table_metadata
 Table metadata returned by IO readers. More...
struct  cudf::io::table_with_metadata
 Table with table metadata used by io readers to return the metadata by value. More...
struct  cudf::io::host_buffer
 Non-owning view of a host memory buffer. More...
struct  cudf::io::source_info
 Source information for read interfaces. More...
struct  cudf::io::sink_info
 Destination information for write interfaces. More...
class  cudf::io::column_in_metadata
 Metadata for a column. More...
class  cudf::io::table_input_metadata
 Metadata for a table. More...
struct  cudf::io::partition_info
 Information used while writing partitioned datasets. More...
class  cudf::io::reader_column_schema
 schema element for reader More...


 cuDF interfaces
 IO interfaces.


enum class  cudf::io::compression_type {
  cudf::io::NONE , cudf::io::AUTO , cudf::io::SNAPPY , cudf::io::GZIP ,
  cudf::io::BZIP2 , cudf::io::BROTLI , cudf::io::ZIP , cudf::io::XZ ,
  cudf::io::ZLIB , cudf::io::LZ4 , cudf::io::LZO , cudf::io::ZSTD
 Compression algorithms. More...
enum class  cudf::io::io_type {
  cudf::io::FILEPATH , cudf::io::HOST_BUFFER , cudf::io::DEVICE_BUFFER , cudf::io::VOID ,
 Data source or destination types. More...
enum class  cudf::io::quote_style { cudf::io::MINIMAL , cudf::io::ALL , cudf::io::NONNUMERIC , cudf::io::NONE }
 Behavior when handling quotations in field data. More...
enum  cudf::io::statistics_freq { cudf::io::STATISTICS_NONE = 0 , cudf::io::STATISTICS_ROWGROUP = 1 , cudf::io::STATISTICS_PAGE = 2 , cudf::io::STATISTICS_COLUMN = 3 }
 Column statistics granularity type for parquet/orc writers. More...
enum  cudf::io::dictionary_policy { cudf::io::NEVER , cudf::io::ADAPTIVE , cudf::io::ALWAYS }
 Control use of dictionary encoding for parquet writer. More...


template<typename T >
constexpr auto cudf::io::is_byte_like_type ()
 Returns true if the type is byte-like, meaning it is reasonable to pass as a pointer to bytes. More...

Detailed Description

cuDF-IO API type definitions

Definition in file io/types.hpp.