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cudf::dictionary_wrapper< IndexType > Struct Template Reference

A strongly typed wrapper for indices in a DICTIONARY type column. More...

#include <dictionary.hpp>

Public Types

using value_type = IndexType

Public Member Functions

 dictionary_wrapper (dictionary_wrapper &&)=default
 dictionary_wrapper (dictionary_wrapper const &v)=default
dictionary_wrapperoperator= (dictionary_wrapper &&)=default
dictionary_wrapperoperator= (const dictionary_wrapper &)=default
constexpr CUDA_HOST_DEVICE_CALLABLE dictionary_wrapper (value_type v)
CUDA_HOST_DEVICE_CALLABLE operator value_type () const
CUDA_HOST_DEVICE_CALLABLE value_type value () const

Static Public Member Functions

static constexpr CUDA_HOST_DEVICE_CALLABLE value_type max_value ()
static constexpr CUDA_HOST_DEVICE_CALLABLE value_type min_value ()
static constexpr CUDA_HOST_DEVICE_CALLABLE value_type lowest_value ()

Detailed Description

template<typename IndexType>
struct cudf::dictionary_wrapper< IndexType >

A strongly typed wrapper for indices in a DICTIONARY type column.

IndexType will be integer types like int32_t.

For example, dictionary32 is a strongly typed wrapper around an int32_t value that holds the offset into the dictionary keys for a specific element.

This wrapper provides common conversion and comparison operations for the IndexType.

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