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cuProj is a generic coordinate transformation library that transforms geospatial coordinates from one coordinate reference system (CRS) to another. This includes cartographic projections as well as geodetic transformations. cuProj is implemented in CUDA C++ to run on GPUs to provide the highest performance.

libcuproj is a CUDA C++ library that provides the header-only C++ API for cuProj. It is designed to implement coordinate projections and transforms compatible with the Proj library. The C++ API does not match the API of Proj, but it is designed to eventually expand to support many of the same features and transformations that Proj supports.

Currently libcuproj only supports a subset of the Proj transformations. The following transformations are supported:

  • WGS84 to/from UTM


The C++ API is designed to be easy to use. The following example shows how to transform a point in Sydney, Australia from WGS84 (lat, lon) coordinates to UTM zone 56S (x, y) coordinates.

// Make a projection to convert WGS84 (lat, lon) coordinates to UTM zone 56S (x, y) coordinates
auto proj = cuproj::make_projection<cuproj::vec_2d<T>>("EPSG:4326", "EPSG:32756");
cuproj::vec_2d<T> sydney{-33.858700, 151.214000}; // Sydney, NSW, Australia
thrust::device_vector<cuproj::vec_2d<T>> d_in{1, sydney};
thrust::device_vector<cuproj::vec_2d<T>> d_out(d_in.size());
// Convert the coordinates. Works the same with a vector of many coordinates.
proj.transform(d_in.begin(), d_in.end(), d_out.begin(), cuproj::direction::FORWARD);
A generic 2D vector type.
Definition vec_2d.hpp:42

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