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libcuspatial is a GPU-accelerated C++ library for spatial data analysis including distance and trajectory computations, spatial data indexing and spatial join operations. libcuspatial is the high-performance backend for the cuSpatial Python library.

libcuspatial has two interfaces. The generic header-only C++ API represents data as arrays of structures (e.g. 2D points). The header-only API uses iterators for input and output, and is similar in style to the C++ Standard Template Library (STL) and Thrust. All cuSpatial algorithms are implemented in this API.

The libcuspatial "column-based API" is a C++ API based on data types from libcudf, the CUDA Dataframe library C++ API. The column-based API represents spatial data as cuDF tables of type-erased columns, and layers on top of the header-only API.

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