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 Clogger_wrapperSimple wrapper around a spdlog::logger that performs RMM-specific initialization
 CbytesRepresent a size in number of bytes
 Cmaybe_remove_propertyA helper class to remove the device_accessible property
 Cmaybe_remove_property< PoolResource, Upstream, Property, cuda::std::enable_if_t<!cuda::has_property< Upstream, Property > > >Specialization of maybe_remove_property to not propagate nonexistent properties
 Caligned_resource_adaptorResource that adapts Upstream memory resource to allocate memory in a specified alignment size
 Carena_memory_resourceA suballocator that emphasizes fragmentation avoidance and scalable concurrency support
 Cbinning_memory_resourceAllocates memory from upstream resources associated with bin sizes
 Ccallback_memory_resourceA device memory resource that uses the provided callbacks for memory allocation and deallocation
 Ccuda_async_memory_resourcedevice_memory_resource derived class that uses cudaMallocAsync/cudaFreeAsync for allocation/deallocation
 Ccuda_async_view_memory_resourcedevice_memory_resource derived class that uses cudaMallocAsync/cudaFreeAsync for allocation/deallocation
 Ccuda_memory_resourcedevice_memory_resource derived class that uses cudaMalloc/Free for allocation/deallocation
 Cdevice_memory_resourceBase class for all libcudf device memory allocation
 Cfailure_callback_resource_adaptorA device memory resource that calls a callback function when allocations throw a specified exception type
 Cfixed_size_memory_resourceA device_memory_resource which allocates memory blocks of a single fixed size
 Climiting_resource_adaptorResource that uses Upstream to allocate memory and limits the total allocations possible
 Clogging_resource_adaptorResource that uses Upstream to allocate memory and logs information about the requested allocation/deallocations
 Cmanaged_memory_resourcedevice_memory_resource derived class that uses cudaMallocManaged/Free for allocation/deallocation
 Cowning_wrapperResource adaptor that maintains the lifetime of upstream resources
 Cpolymorphic_allocatorA stream ordered Allocator using a rmm::mr::device_memory_resource to satisfy (de)allocations
 Cstream_allocator_adaptorAdapts a stream ordered allocator to provide a standard Allocator interface
 CrebindRebinds the allocator to the specified type
 Cpool_memory_resourceA coalescing best-fit suballocator which uses a pool of memory allocated from an upstream memory_resource
 Cstatistics_resource_adaptorResource that uses Upstream to allocate memory and tracks statistics on memory allocations
 CcounterUtility struct for counting the current, peak, and total value of a number
 Cthread_safe_resource_adaptorResource that adapts Upstream memory resource adaptor to be thread safe
 Cthrust_allocatorAn allocator compatible with Thrust containers and algorithms using a device_memory_resource for memory (de)allocation
 CrebindProvides the type of a thrust_allocator instantiated with another type
 Ctracking_resource_adaptorResource that uses Upstream to allocate memory and tracks allocations
 Callocation_infoInformation stored about an allocation. Includes the size and a stack trace if the tracking_resource_adaptor was initialized to capture stacks
 Chost_memory_resourceBase class for host memory allocation
 Cnew_delete_resourceA host_memory_resource that uses the global operator new and operator delete to allocate host memory
 Cpinned_memory_resourceA host_memory_resource that uses cudaMallocHost to allocate pinned/page-locked host memory
 Ccuda_device_idStrong type for a CUDA device identifier
 Ccuda_set_device_raiiRAII class that sets the current CUDA device to the specified device on construction and restores the previous device on destruction
 Ccuda_streamOwning wrapper for a CUDA stream
 Ccuda_stream_poolA pool of CUDA streams
 Ccuda_stream_viewStrongly-typed non-owning wrapper for CUDA streams with default constructor
 Cdevice_bufferRAII construct for device memory allocation
 Cdevice_scalarContainer for a single object of type T in device memory
 Cdevice_uvectorAn uninitialized vector of elements in device memory
 Cexec_policyHelper class usable as a Thrust CUDA execution policy that uses RMM for temporary memory allocation on the specified stream
 Clogic_errorException thrown when logical precondition is violated
 Ccuda_errorException thrown when a CUDA error is encountered
 Cbad_allocException thrown when an RMM allocation fails
 Cout_of_memoryException thrown when RMM runs out of memory
 Cout_of_rangeException thrown when attempting to access outside of a defined range