New in version v22.12.00.

Set the RPATH entries for all targets associated with a provided associated target.

    TARGET <associated_target>
    PATHS <path1> <path2> ...
    [ROOT_DIRECTORY <root-dir>]

This function will affect all targets created up to the point of this call. It will have no effect on targets created afterwards.


The associated target for which we are setting RPATH entries. Any target created using rapids_cython_create_modules() with the argument ASSOCIATED_TARGET associated_target will have its RPATH entries updated.


The paths to add to the RPATH. Paths may either be absolute or relative to the ROOT_DIRECTORY. The paths are always converted to be relative to the current directory i.e relative to $ORIGIN in the RPATH.


The ROOT_DIRECTORY for the provided paths. Defaults to ${PROJECT_SOURCE_DIR}. Has no effect on absolute paths. If the ROOT_DIRECTORY is a relative path, it is assumed to be relative to the directory from which rapids_cython_add_rpath_entries is called.