Added in version v23.04.00.

Install the needed ctest infrastructure to allow installed tests to be run by ctest in parallel with GPU awareness.

rapids_test_install_relocatable(INSTALL_COMPONENT_SET <component>
                                DESTINATION <relative_path>

Will install all tests created by rapids_test_add() that are part of the provided INSTALL_COMPONENT_SET.

The rapids_test_install_relocatable() will transform all test arguments or properties on install tests that reference the build directory to reference the install directory.


Record which test component infrastructure to be installed


Relative path from the CMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX to install the infrastructure. This needs to be the same directory as the test executables


State that these install rules should be part of the default install set. By default tests are not part of the default install set.


rapids_test_install_relocatable behavior is undefined when used with multi-config generators such as “Visual Studio” and “Ninja Multi-Config”