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 CblockA simple block structure specifying the size and location of a block of memory, with a flag indicating whether it is the head of a block of memory allocated from the heap (or upstream allocator)
 Cfree_listAn ordered list of free memory blocks that coalesces contiguous blocks on insertion
 Ccnmem_managed_memory_resourceMemory resource that allocates/deallocates managed device memory (CUDA Unified Memory) using the cnmem pool sub-allocator. the cnmem pool sub-allocator for allocation/deallocation
 Ccnmem_memory_resourceMemory resource that allocates/deallocates using the cnmem pool sub-allocator
 Ccuda_memory_resourcedevice_memory_resource derived class that uses cudaMalloc/Free for allocation/deallocation
 Cdevice_memory_resourceBase class for all libcudf device memory allocation
 Cfixed_multisize_memory_resourceAllocates fixed-size memory blocks of a range of sizes
 Cfixed_size_memory_resourceA device_memory_resource which allocates memory blocks of a single fixed size
 Chost_memory_resourceBase class for host memory allocation
 Chybrid_memory_resourceAllocates memory from one of two allocators selected based on the requested size
 Clogging_resource_adaptorResource that uses Upstream to allocate memory and logs information about the requested allocation/deallocations
 Cmanaged_memory_resourcedevice_memory_resource derived class that uses cudaMallocManaged/Free for allocation/deallocation
 Cnew_delete_resourceA host_memory_resource that uses the global operator new and
 Cpinned_memory_resourceA host_memory_resource that uses cudaMallocHost to allocate pinned/page-locked host memory
 Cpool_memory_resourceA coalescing best-fit suballocator which uses a pool of memory allocated from an upstream memory_resource
 Cthread_safe_resource_adaptorResource that adapts Upstream memory resource adaptor to be thread safe
 Cthrust_allocatorAn allocator compatible with Thrust containers and algorithms using a device_memory_resource for memory (de)allocation
 CrebindProvides the type of a thrust_allocator instantiated with another type
 Cbad_allocException thrown when an RMM allocation fails
 Ccnmem_errorException thrown when a CNMEM error is encountered
 Ccuda_errorException thrown when a CUDA error is encountered
 Cdevice_scalarContainer for a single object of type T in device memory
 Cdevice_uvectorAn uninitialized vector of elements in device memory
 CLoggerAn event logger for RMM
 Clogic_errorException thrown when logical precondition is violated
 CManagerRMM Manager class maintains the memory manager context, including the RMM event log, configuration options, and registered streams
 CrmmOptions_tOptions for initializing the memory manager