Summary of appropriate labels used by RAPIDS projects.

Intended audience



Project Leads


Issue labels

Many projects will have additional labels to cover more specific situations.

! - HotfixA bug that affects the majority of users for which there is no reasonable workaround
0 - BacklogIn queue waiting for assignment
0 - BlockedCannot progress due to external reasons
1 - On DeckTo be worked on next
2 - In ProgressCurrently a work in progress
? - Needs Triageneeds team to review and classify
? - ResolvedIs the issue resolved?
bugSomething isn't working
code qualityIssues relating to improving the quality of code and tests
docDocumentation improvements or corrections
duplicateIssue or pull request already exists
feature requestNew feature or request
gitgit issue
good first issueGood for newcomers
help wantedRequest for community help
invalidThis doesn't seem right
proposalChange current process or code
questionFurther information is requested
wontfixThis will not be worked on

Pull request labels

3 - Ready for ReviewReady for review by team
4 - Waiting on AuthorWaiting for author to respond to review
5 - Ready to MergeTesting and reviews complete, ready to merge