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types.hpp File Reference

Type declarations for libcudf. More...

#include <cassert>
#include <cstddef>
#include <cstdint>
#include <iterator>

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struct  cudf::order_info
 Indicates how a collection of values has been ordered. More...
class  cudf::data_type
 Indicator for the logical data type of an element in a column. More...


 cuDF interfaces


 Indicates that the function or method is usable on host and device.
#define CUDF_KERNEL   static
 Indicates that the function is a CUDA kernel.


using cudf::size_type = int32_t
 Row index type for columns and tables.
using cudf::bitmask_type = uint32_t
 Bitmask type stored as 32-bit unsigned integer.
using cudf::valid_type = uint8_t
 Valid type in host memory.
using cudf::thread_index_type = int64_t
 Thread index type in kernels.


enum class  cudf::order : bool { cudf::ASCENDING , cudf::DESCENDING }
 Indicates the order in which elements should be sorted. More...
enum class  cudf::null_policy : bool { cudf::EXCLUDE , cudf::INCLUDE }
 Enum to specify whether to include nulls or exclude nulls. More...
enum class  cudf::nan_policy : bool { cudf::NAN_IS_NULL , cudf::NAN_IS_VALID }
 Enum to treat NaN floating point value as null or non-null element. More...
enum class  cudf::nan_equality { cudf::ALL_EQUAL , cudf::UNEQUAL }
 Enum to consider different elements (of floating point types) holding NaN value as equal or unequal. More...
enum class  cudf::null_equality : bool { cudf::EQUAL , cudf::UNEQUAL }
 Enum to consider two nulls as equal or unequal. More...
enum class  cudf::null_order : bool { cudf::AFTER , cudf::BEFORE }
 Indicates how null values compare against all other values. More...
enum class  cudf::sorted : bool { NO , YES }
 Indicates whether a collection of values is known to be sorted.
enum class  cudf::mask_state : int32_t { cudf::UNALLOCATED , cudf::UNINITIALIZED , cudf::ALL_VALID , cudf::ALL_NULL }
 Controls the allocation/initialization of a null mask. More...
enum class  cudf::interpolation : int32_t {
  cudf::LINEAR , cudf::LOWER , cudf::HIGHER , cudf::MIDPOINT ,
 Interpolation method to use when the desired quantile lies between two data points i and j. More...
enum class  cudf::type_id : int32_t {
  cudf::EMPTY , cudf::INT8 , cudf::INT16 , cudf::INT32 ,
  cudf::INT64 , cudf::UINT8 , cudf::UINT16 , cudf::UINT32 ,
  cudf::UINT64 , cudf::FLOAT32 , cudf::FLOAT64 , cudf::BOOL8 ,
  cudf::LIST , cudf::DECIMAL32 , cudf::DECIMAL64 , cudf::DECIMAL128 ,
  cudf::STRUCT , cudf::NUM_TYPE_IDS
 Identifies a column's logical element type. More...


template<typename T >
size_type cudf::distance (T f, T l)
 Similar to std::distance but returns cudf::size_type and performs static_cast More...
constexpr bool cudf::operator== (data_type const &lhs, data_type const &rhs)
 Compares two data_type objects for equality. More...
bool cudf::operator!= (data_type const &lhs, data_type const &rhs)
 Compares two data_type objects for inequality. More...
std::size_t cudf::size_of (data_type t)
 Returns the size in bytes of elements of the specified data_type More...

Detailed Description

Type declarations for libcudf.

Definition in file types.hpp.