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table_view.hpp File Reference

Class definitions for (mutable)_table_view More...

#include <cudf/column/column_view.hpp>
#include <cudf/types.hpp>
#include <algorithm>
#include <vector>

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class  cudf::detail::table_view_base< ColumnView >
 Base class for a table of ColumnViews. More...
class  cudf::table_view
 A set of cudf::column_view's of the same size. More...
class  cudf::mutable_table_view
 A set of mutable_column_views of the same size. More...


 cuDF interfaces


bool cudf::nullable (table_view const &view)
bool cudf::has_nulls (table_view const &view)
bool cudf::has_nested_nulls (table_view const &input)
bool cudf::have_same_types (table_view const &lhs, table_view const &rhs)
 Checks if two table_views have columns of same types. More...
table_view cudf::scatter_columns (table_view const &source, std::vector< size_type > const &map, table_view const &target)
 Copy column_views from a table_view into another table_view according to a column indices map. More...
template<typename TableView >
bool cudf::detail::is_relationally_comparable (TableView const &lhs, TableView const &rhs)
 Indicates whether respective columns in input tables are relationally comparable. More...
template bool cudf::detail::is_relationally_comparable< table_view > (table_view const &lhs, table_view const &rhs)
template bool cudf::detail::is_relationally_comparable< mutable_table_view > (mutable_table_view const &lhs, mutable_table_view const &rhs)

Detailed Description

Class definitions for (mutable)_table_view

A (mutable_)table_view is a set of (mutable_)column_views of equal size.

A (mutable_)table_view is non-owning and trivially copyable and should be passed by value.

Definition in file table_view.hpp.

Function Documentation

◆ is_relationally_comparable()

template<typename TableView >
bool cudf::detail::is_relationally_comparable ( TableView const &  lhs,
TableView const &  rhs 

Indicates whether respective columns in input tables are relationally comparable.

lhsThe first table
rhsThe second table (may be the same table as lhs)
true all of respective columns on lhs and 'rhstables are comparable. @return false any of respective columns onlhsand 'rhs tables are not comparable.