RAPIDS RAFT: Reusable Accelerated Functions and Tools#

RAFT contains fundamental widely-used algorithms and primitives for scientific computing, data science and machine learning. The algorithms are CUDA-accelerated and form building-blocks for rapidly composing analytics.

By taking a primitives-based approach to algorithm development, RAFT

  • accelerates algorithm construction time

  • reduces the maintenance burden by maximizing reuse across projects, and

  • centralizes core reusable computations, allowing future optimizations to benefit all algorithms that use them.

While not exhaustive, the following general categories help summarize the accelerated building blocks that RAFT contains:



Data Formats

sparse & dense, conversions, data generation

Dense Operations

linear algebra, matrix and vector operations, slicing, norms, factorization, least squares, svd & eigenvalue problems

Sparse Operations

linear algebra, eigenvalue problems, slicing, norms, reductions, factorization, symmetrization, components & labeling


pairwise distances, nearest neighbors, neighborhood graph construction

Basic Clustering

spectral clustering, hierarchical clustering, k-means


combinatorial optimization, iterative solvers


sampling, moments and summary statistics, metrics

Tools & Utilities

common utilities for developing CUDA applications, multi-node multi-gpu infrastructure

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