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1 /*
2  * Copyright (c) 2019-2023, NVIDIA CORPORATION.
3  *
4  * Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License");
5  * you may not use this file except in compliance with the License.
6  * You may obtain a copy of the License at
7  *
8  *
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10  * Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software
11  * distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS,
12  * WITHOUT WARRANTIES OR CONDITIONS OF ANY KIND, either express or implied.
13  * See the License for the specific language governing permissions and
14  * limitations under the License.
15  */
17 #pragma once
19 #include <cudf/types.hpp>
20 #include <cudf/utilities/default_stream.hpp>
24 #include <memory>
26 namespace cudf {
61  size_type begin,
62  size_type end,
63  scalar const& value,
89 std::unique_ptr<column> fill(
90  column_view const& input,
91  size_type begin,
92  size_type end,
93  scalar const& value,
95  rmm::mr::device_memory_resource* mr = rmm::mr::get_current_device_resource());
125 std::unique_ptr<table> repeat(
126  table_view const& input_table,
127  column_view const& count,
129  rmm::mr::device_memory_resource* mr = rmm::mr::get_current_device_resource());
150 std::unique_ptr<table> repeat(
151  table_view const& input_table,
152  size_type count,
154  rmm::mr::device_memory_resource* mr = rmm::mr::get_current_device_resource());
180 std::unique_ptr<column> sequence(
181  size_type size,
182  scalar const& init,
183  scalar const& step,
185  rmm::mr::device_memory_resource* mr = rmm::mr::get_current_device_resource());
208 std::unique_ptr<column> sequence(
209  size_type size,
210  scalar const& init,
212  rmm::mr::device_memory_resource* mr = rmm::mr::get_current_device_resource());
238 std::unique_ptr<cudf::column> calendrical_month_sequence(
239  size_type size,
240  scalar const& init,
241  size_type months,
243  rmm::mr::device_memory_resource* mr = rmm::mr::get_current_device_resource());
244  // end of group
246 } // namespace cudf
A non-owning, immutable view of device data as a column of elements, some of which may be null as ind...
A non-owning, mutable view of device data as a column of elements, some of which may be null as indic...
An owning class to represent a singular value.
Definition: scalar.hpp:48
A set of cudf::column_view's of the same size.
Definition: table_view.hpp:187
std::unique_ptr< cudf::column > calendrical_month_sequence(size_type size, scalar const &init, size_type months, rmm::cuda_stream_view stream=cudf::get_default_stream(), rmm::mr::device_memory_resource *mr=rmm::mr::get_current_device_resource())
Generate a sequence of timestamps beginning at init and incrementing by months for each successive el...
std::unique_ptr< column > sequence(size_type size, scalar const &init, scalar const &step, rmm::cuda_stream_view stream=cudf::get_default_stream(), rmm::mr::device_memory_resource *mr=rmm::mr::get_current_device_resource())
Fills a column with a sequence of value specified by an initial value and a step.
void fill_in_place(mutable_column_view &destination, size_type begin, size_type end, scalar const &value, rmm::cuda_stream_view stream=cudf::get_default_stream())
Fills a range of elements in-place in a column with a scalar value.
std::unique_ptr< table > repeat(table_view const &input_table, column_view const &count, rmm::cuda_stream_view stream=cudf::get_default_stream(), rmm::mr::device_memory_resource *mr=rmm::mr::get_current_device_resource())
Repeat rows of a Table.
std::unique_ptr< column > fill(column_view const &input, size_type begin, size_type end, scalar const &value, rmm::cuda_stream_view stream=cudf::get_default_stream(), rmm::mr::device_memory_resource *mr=rmm::mr::get_current_device_resource())
Fills a range of elements in a column out-of-place with a scalar value.
int32_t size_type
Row index type for columns and tables.
Definition: types.hpp:80
cuDF interfaces
Definition: aggregation.hpp:34
rmm::cuda_stream_view const get_default_stream()
Get the current default stream.
Type declarations for libcudf.