RAPIDS can only grow with community support and it is vital to include developers at all levels. Reporting bugs, fixing them, and/or creating new features are all vital for the success of RAPIDS. The following pages outline our approach for contributing to RAPIDS.

Getting started

Welcome! We are excited you are here! Before you begin, we ask that everyone review the Code of Conduct before contributing.

Your first issue

  1. Read the project’s README to learn how to setup the development environment
  2. Find an issue to work on. The best way is to look for the good first issue or help wanted labels
  3. Comment on the issue saying you are going to work on it
  4. Code! Make sure to update unit tests!
  5. All RAPIDS projects are released under the Apache-2.0 license, so also make sure all source files that support comments include a copyright and the Apache-2.0 license text.
  6. When done, create your pull request
  7. Verify that CI passes all status checks. Fix if needed
  8. Wait for other developers to review your code and update code as needed
  9. Once reviewed and approved, a RAPIDS developer will merge your pull request

Remember, if you are unsure about anything, don’t hesitate to comment on issues and ask for clarifications!

Seasoned developers

Once you have gotten your feet wet and are more comfortable with the code, follow these steps to find prioritized issues.

All RAPIDS projects have project boards for triaging issues and planning features.

More details

Review the Code Contributions page.

Issues or feedback

File an issue here for any unexpected problems encountered or general feedback with any of the information on this site.

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