GitHub Actions


Details on the self-hosted GitHub Actions runners provided by the RAPIDS Ops team.

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The RAPIDS Ops team provides a set of self-hosted runners that can be used in GitHub Action workflows throughout supported organizations. The tables below outline the labels that can be utilized and their related specifications.

CPU Label Combinations

The CPU labeled runners are backed by various EC2 instances and do not have any GPUs installed.

Label Combination EC2 Machine Type
[linux, amd64, cpu4] m5d.xlarge 1
[linux, amd64, cpu8] m5d.2xlarge 1
[linux, amd64, cpu16] m5d.4xlarge 1
[linux, arm64, cpu4] m6gd.xlarge 2
[linux, arm64, cpu8] m6gd.2xlarge 2
[linux, arm64, cpu16] m6gd.4xlarge 2

Additional specifications:


GPU Label Combinations

The GPU labeled runners are backed by lab machines and have the GPUs specified in the table below installed.

IMPORTANT: GPU jobs have two requirements: 1) They must run in a container (i.e. nvidia/cuda:11.5.0-base-ubuntu18.04) and 2) They must set the NVIDIA_VISIBLE_DEVICES: ${{ env.NVIDIA_VISIBLE_DEVICES }} container environment variable. If these requirements aren’t met, the GitHub Actions job will fail. See the Usage section below for an example.

Label Combination GPU Driver Version # of GPUs
[linux, amd64, gpu-v100-495-1] Tesla-V100-PCIE-32GB 495 1
[linux, arm64, gpu-a100-495-1] NVIDIA-A100-PCIE-40GB 495 1


The code snippet below shows how the labels above may be utilized in a GitHub Action workflow.

Note: It is important to add the self-hosted label in addition to the labels described in the tables above.

name: Test Self Hosted Runners
on: push
    runs-on: [self-hosted, linux, amd64, cpu8]
      - name: hello
        run: echo "hello"
    runs-on: [self-hosted, linux, amd64, gpu-v100-495-1]
    container: # GPU jobs must run in a container
      image: nvidia/cuda:11.5.0-base-ubuntu18.04
        NVIDIA_VISIBLE_DEVICES: ${{ env.NVIDIA_VISIBLE_DEVICES }} # GPU jobs must set this container env variable
      - name: hello
        run: |
          echo "hello"

For additional details, see the official GitHub Action documentation page here: