Changelog Format


Summary of the changelog process used by RAPIDS projects.

Intended audience



Project Leads


During the development cycle of each RAPIDS release, merged pull requests will be automatically recorded in a GitHub pre-release. The pre-releases can be found in a repository’s Release section on GitHub. (i.e. At release time, the contents of the pre-release’s body will be copied into the file found in each repository’s root directory.


The body of each pre-release contains a list of pull requests categorized into the following sections:

  • Breaking Changes
  • Bug Fixes
  • Documentation
  • New Features
  • Improvements

Pull Request Labels

In order to correctly categorize pull requests, the following labels must be applied to each:

category Label (choose one):

Categorizes the PR in the pre-release

  • bug
  • doc
  • feature request
  • improvement

breaking Label (choose one):

Determines if there is a “breaking” change to user functionality

NOTE: Developers should consult with their PICs for a repo specific set of guidelines for determining a “breaking” change

  • breaking
  • non-breaking