Label Checker


Summary of Label Checker GitHub check used by some RAPIDS projects.

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Some RAPIDS repositories have a Label Checker check on GitHub pull requests. The Label Checker helps ensure that each pull request can be categorized correctly in our automated changelogs that get published for each release (i.e. cudf v21.06.00).

In order for the Label Checker check to pass, pull requests must include one label from each of the following categories:

  • category - categorizes the pull request
    • bug
    • doc
    • feature request
    • improvement
  • breaking - determines whether or not the pull request breaks functionality for end-users
    • breaking
    • non-breaking

Additionally, the Label Checker check will fail when the pull request includes any label which contains the string DO NOT MERGE (case insensitive).

Label Checker Statuses

Below is a table of the possible statuses for the Label Checker and their corresponding required actions.

Status Required Action
Add one label from each list above
Add one label from category label list
Add one label from breaking label list

Ensure only one label from each list is applied
Remove the DO NOT MERGE label
✅ None, all labels correctly applied