RGN 1 - Stable/Release Branch Renaming to 'main' in v0.15

Author RAPIDS Ops


Topic Git Repo Change
RAPIDS Version v0.15
Created 13 July 2020
Updated 28 August 2020


RAPIDS has decided to follow other Open Source projects in renaming their “default” git branch to main. Starting with the v0.15 release, the existing RAPIDS stable/release branch will be removed and all references should use the main branch going forward.

NOTE: RAPIDS uses branch-X.Y as our GitHub default branch for development; however, our stable/release branch is typically the “default” branch for others and new git projects.

For more information read the GitHub docs detailing their plan for renaming branches.



  • 10-Jul-2020 - main branches were added to all repos with an existing stable/release branch
  • 15-Jul-2020 - Documentation with outdated references were updated with PRs to main
  • Completed - PRs to update scripts and other mentions will be merged into branch-0.15 and then into main
  • 26-Aug-2020 - Release v0.15 occurred and using the main branch
  • 28-Aug-2020 - Renaming complete, old branches removed


Any other projects or developers referring to our current stable/release branch will no longer work or may redirect incorrectly. This includes search and web links that link to GitHub.

From the GitHub docs on renaming, there will be some redirects in place; however, they will redirect to the GitHub “default” branch which in our case means links to stable/release will redirect to our development branch. This may cause some confusion, but we will do our best to ensure the links are updated.

Users that find outdated links should open an issue in the repo they have been found. For updates on this docs site or rapids.ai, file an issue here.