RGN 5 - Google Colab RAPIDS support limited to RAPIDS 0.14

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Topic Breaking Change
RAPIDS Version v0.15
Created 11 September 2020
Updated 15 September 2020


RAPIDS 0.15 requires Python 3.7+; Google Colab is currently limited to Python 3.6. Google Colab will only support up to RAPIDS 0.14 until Colab support for Python 3.7+ is complete. Users may make use of BlazingSQL Notebooks at http://app.blazingsql.com for RAPIDS 0.15 support.

NOTE: Refer to RSN 2 for more information about EOL support of Python 3.6 & CUDA 10.0


  • 11-Sep-2020 - Warnings have been added to links to Colab on RAPIDS website; links to BlazingSQL Notebooks have been added.


Google Colab support for RAPIDS is currently limited to RAPIDS version 0.14. Users can use BlazingSQL Notebooks for RAPIDS 0.15.