RGN 22 - Google Colab RAPIDS support limited to RAPIDS v21.12

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RAPIDS Version v22.02+
Created 17 February 2022
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RAPIDS v22.02 requires Python 3.8+; Google Colab is currently limited to Python 3.7. Google Colab will only support up to RAPIDS v21.12 until Colab support for Python 3.8+ is complete. Users may make use of SageMaker Studio Labs as an alternative “Try it Now” for Stable (v22.02), Nightly (v22.04), and Legacy (v21.12) RAPIDS trials.

NOTE: Refer to RSN 14 for more information about EOL support of Python 3.7.


  • 12-Feb-2022 - Warnings have been added to links to Colab on RAPIDS website; links to SageMaker Studio Lab have been added.


Google Colab support for RAPIDS is currently limited to RAPIDS version v21.12. Users can use SageMaker Studio Lab for all Stable (v22.02), Nightly (v22.04), and Legacy (v21.12) RAPIDS versions.