The vector search and clustering algorithms in RAFT are being migrated to a new library dedicated to vector search called cuVS. We will continue to support the vector search algorithms in RAFT during this move, but will no longer update them after the RAPIDS 24.06 (June) release. We plan to complete the migration by RAPIDS 24.08 (August) release.

Matrix Reductions#

Matrix Norm#

#include <raft/matrix/norm.cuh>

namespace raft::matrix

template<typename m_t, typename idx_t>
m_t l2_norm(raft::resources const &handle, raft::device_mdspan<const m_t, idx_t> in)#

Get the L2/F-norm of a matrix.

  • handle[in] raft handle

  • in[in] input matrix/vector with totally size elements


matrix l2 norm