RDN 1 - 'dask-xgboost' is deprecated in v0.15 & removed v0.16

Author RAPIDS Ops


Topic Library Deprecation
RAPIDS Version v0.15
Created 26 August 2020
Updated N/A


rapidsai/dask-xgboost is deprecated in v0.15 and will be removed in v0.16. As of release 1.0, XGBoost provides a native Dask API.

The native XGBoost API has all of the functionality of dask-xgboost, combined with an updated, clean API and much more extensive testing. All users are encouraged to switch to the native API. See also this blog post for an overview.



Any other projects or developers using our version of rapidsai/dask-xgboost should switch to the upstream repo dask/dask-xgboost