RGN 13 - RAPIDS switching to CalVer in v0.20 (now v21.06)

Author RAPIDS Ops


Topic Release Version Change
RAPIDS Version v0.20 / v21.06
Created 05 May 2021
Updated 17 May 2021


All RAPIDS projects are switching their versioning scheme to Calendar Versioning.

This versioning will apply to both the overall RAPIDS release and each core library, so we will release cuDF 21.06.00, cuML 21.06.00, etc. as part of the overall RAPIDS 21.06.00 release.


Instead of a 0.20.0 release in June 2021, we will release 21.06.00

New version format for release: YY.MM.PP, for example 21.06.00

New version format for nightlies: YY.MM.PPaYYMMDD, for example 21.06.00a210505

Where PP is the two digit patch number not day.

ABI & API compatibility will be maintained within each YY.MM.xx release.