RGN 23 - New 'Try RAPIDS Now' Capability via SageMaker Studio Labs in Beta

Author RAPIDS Ops


Topic Announcement
RAPIDS Version v22.02+
Created 17 February 2022
Updated 05 September 2023


SageMaker Studio Labs has been added as a new “Try it Now” capability for all Stable (v22.02), Nightly (v22.04), and Legacy (v21.12) RAPIDS installations. Open in SageMaker Studio Lab buttons and links can be found in the Getting Started sections of our Website.
A new, quick-start repository can be found in RAPIDS community with further installation instructions. You can only try RAPIDS in SageMaker Studio Lab after you have successfully created a SageMaker Studio Lab account. Please share any issues you face in the rapids-smsl repo and feedback in the RAPIDS GoAI Slack!


  • 12-Feb-2022 - Appropriate links to SageMaker Studio Lab have been added. Quick Start Repository has been made.


Users continue to have Try RAPIDS Now options for Stable (v22.02), Nightly (v22.04), and Legacy (v21.12) RAPIDS versions.