RSN 2 - EOL Python 3.6 & CUDA 10.0 in v0.14

Author RAPIDS Ops


Topic Platform Support Change
RAPIDS Version v0.14 & v0.15
Created 13 July 2020
Updated N/A


Python 3.6 and CUDA 10.0 have reached end of life (EOL) in RAPIDS v0.14 and will not be supported in the upcoming release of v0.15. This includes v0.15 nightly support which ended on 13-Jul-2020.


Nightly support

  • Has ended as of 13-Jul-2020
    • No further conda packages or docker images will be released for these versions


  • Updates to Docker Hub and NGC repos will be reflected with the v0.15 release
  • Updated release selector to reflect EOL


Python 3.6 EOL

Due to NEP 29 support for Python 3.6 in a large number of our dependent libraries was removed in late June 2020. Some libraries are continuing to publish Python 3.6 packages; however, others are working towards discontinuing them in the near future.

Given the push of the community to focus on Python 3.7 & 3.8 we opted to spend our resources on Python 3.8 bring up for v0.15. See RSN 3 for updates.


Given community input and the release of CUDA 11.0, the team has opted to EOL CUDA 10.0 in favor of bring up for beta support of CUDA 11.0 in v0.15. See RSN 4 for updates.


Users should migrate to Python 3.7 & CUDA 10.1 our new defaults for RAPIDS.