RSN 4 - Support for CUDA 11.0 in v0.15

Author RAPIDS Ops


Topic Platform Support Change
RAPIDS Version v0.15
Created 13 July 2020
Updated 26 August 2020


With the EOL of CUDA 10.0 announced in RSN 2, development effort has been redirected to support CUDA 11.0 in v0.15.

CuPy has released v7.8.0 with CUDA 11.0 support. We have temporarily built a version of the cupy package in rapidsai channel that has CUDA 11.0 support. In addition we have temporarily built faiss, faiss-gpu, libfaiss to support CUDA 11.0 in the rapidsai channel. These packages are a stop-gap until conda-forge provides support for CUDA 11.0. Once packages are up on conda-forge we will remove our packages.

NOTE: v0.16 nightlies will continue to use our v7.8.0 package for CUDA 11.0 until an update is made on conda-forge



  • 21-Jul-2020 - Working on getting core conda dependencies for CUDA 11.0 built to enable testing and bring up
  • 12-Aug-2020 - CUDA 11 packages released in rapidsai-nightly channel
  • 26-Aug-2020 - CUDA 11 condatoolkit published in anaconda and defaults channels (also available on nvidia channel)
  • 26-Aug-2020 - Released v0.15 with CUDA 11 support