RSN 4 - Beta Support for CUDA 11.0 in v0.15

Author RAPIDS Ops

In Progress

Topic Platform Support Change
RAPIDS Version v0.15
Created 13-Jul-2020
Updated 21-Jul-2020


With the EOL of CUDA 10.0 announced in RSN 2, development effort has been redirected to support CUDA 11.0 in v0.15. However, due to our dependency on CuPy we will only be able to offer beta support in v0.15.

CuPy is targeting a RC1 in late August and a full release of CuPy v8.0.0 with CUDA 11.0 support in September. Both the stable release and RC1 are past our release date for v0.15. Our current plan is to ship with a RAPIDS supplied nightly build of CuPy for CUDA 11.0.

NOTE: v0.16 nightlies will switch to the RC1 and stable release when available.



  • 21-Jul-2020 - Working on getting core conda dependencies for CUDA 11.0 built to enable testing and bring up