RSN 35 - Deprecation Announcement Dropping CUDA 11.2 support in our Docker Images in Release v23.12

Author RAPIDS Ops


Topic Platform Support Change
RAPIDS Version v23.12
Created 05 October 2023
Updated 13 February 2024


RAPIDS is planning to deprecate support for its CUDA 11.2 Docker containers in Release v23.12, and to cease publishing CUDA 11.2 Docker containers in the v24.02 release. v23.12 will be the last version of RAPIDS to distribute CUDA 11.2 Docker containers.


Effective RAPIDS v24.02 release, RAPIDS will cease distribution of CUDA 11.2 Docker containers. RAPIDS will continue to distribute CUDA 12.0 and 11.8 containers. Users who still wish to use CUDA 11.2 (or other versions in the CUDA 11.x or 12.x series) may continue to use RAPIDS via conda installation.