cugraph.from_adjlist(offsets, indices, values=None, create_using=<class 'cugraph.structure.graph_classes.Graph'>)[source]#

Initializes the graph from cuDF or Pandas Series representing adjacency matrix CSR data and returns a new cugraph.Graph object.

offsetscudf.Series, pandas.Series

The offsets of a CSR adjacency matrix.

indicescudf.Series, pandas.Series

The indices of a CSR adjacency matrix.

valuescudf.Series or pandas.Series, optional (default=None)

The values in a CSR adjacency matrix, which represent edge weights in a graph. If not provided, the resulting graph is considered unweighted.

create_using: cugraph.Graph (instance or class), optional (default=Graph)

Specify the type of Graph to create. Can pass in an instance to create a Graph instance with specified ‘directed’ attribute.


>>> pdf = pd.read_csv(datasets_path / 'karate.csv', delimiter=' ',
...                   dtype={0:'int32', 1:'int32', 2:'float32'},
...                   header=None)
>>> M = scipy.sparse.coo_matrix((pdf[2],(pdf[0],pdf[1])))
>>> M = M.tocsr()
>>> offsets = pd.Series(M.indptr)
>>> indices = pd.Series(M.indices)
>>> G = cugraph.from_adjlist(offsets, indices, None)