Property Graph#

Property Graph#

PropertySelection(*args, **kwargs)

Instances of this class are returned from the PropertyGraph.select_*() methods and can be used by the PropertyGraph.extract_subgraph() method to extract a Graph containing vertices and edges with only the selected properties.

PropertyGraph(*args, **kwargs)

Class which stores vertex and edge properties that can be used to construct Graphs from individual property selections and used later to annotate graph algorithm results with corresponding properties.

PropertyGraph.add_edge_data(dataframe, ...)

Add a dataframe describing edge properties to the PropertyGraph.

PropertyGraph.add_vertex_data(dataframe, ...)

Add a dataframe describing vertex properties to the PropertyGraph.

PropertyGraph.annotate_dataframe(df, G, ...)

Add properties to df that represent the vertices and edges in graph G.

PropertyGraph.edge_props_to_graph(...[, ...])

Create a Graph from the edges in edge_prop_df.


Return a subgraph of the overall PropertyGraph containing vertices and edges that match a selection.

PropertyGraph.get_edge_data([edge_ids, ...])

Return a dataframe containing edge properties for only the specified edge_ids, columns, and/or edge type, or all edge IDs if not specified.


Return the number of all edges or edges of a given type.

PropertyGraph.get_num_vertices([type, ...])

Return the number of all vertices or vertices of a given type.

PropertyGraph.get_vertex_data([vertex_ids, ...])

Gets a DataFrame containing vertex properties


Return a Series containing the unique vertex IDs contained in both the vertex and edge property data in ascending order.

PropertyGraph.has_duplicate_edges(df[, columns])

Return True if df has rows with the same src, dst, type, and columns




Renumber edge IDs to be contiguous by type.


Renumber vertex IDs to be contiguous by type.


Evaluate expr and return a PropertySelection object representing the edges that match the expression selection criteria.

PropertyGraph.select_vertices(expr[, ...])

Evaluate expr and return a PropertySelection object representing the vertices that match the expression.