Display the edge list. Compute it if needed. NOTE: If the graph is of type Graph() then the displayed undirected edges are the same as displayed by networkx Graph(), but the direction could be different i.e. an edge displayed by cugraph as (src, dst) could be displayed as (dst, src) by networkx. cugraph.Graph stores symmetrized edgelist internally. For displaying undirected edgelist for a Graph the upper trianglar matrix of the symmetrized edgelist is returned. networkx.Graph renumbers the input and stores the upper triangle of this renumbered input. Since the internal renumbering of networx and cugraph is different, the upper triangular matrix of networkx renumbered input may not be the same as cugraph’s upper trianglar matrix of the symmetrized edgelist. Hence the displayed source and destination pairs in both will represent the same edge but node values could be swapped.


This cudf.DataFrame wraps source, destination and weight


contains the source index for each edge


contains the destination index for each edge


Column is only present for weighted Graph, then containing the weight value for each edge